Kundan tikka – A Stunning Art Facing a Bleak Future

Kundan tikka is one of the most established types of gems workmanship in South Asia and was an adornment related with eminence. The adornments has its beginnings in Jaipur India and at one mark of time was additionally the center of the workmanship however bit by bit, this mind boggling create prospered in Bihar and Punjab. The workmanship arrived at the pinnacle of its ability during the Mughal time where it got practically regal support. The best worldview of the workmanship should be visible in the Indian film Judah Akbar where the entertainer Aishwarya Rai is routinely seen decorating this brilliant piece of gems.

Kundan Tikka

The magnificence of this specialty lies in the sheer polish and the straightforwardness that it shows. Be that as it may, looks can frequently be misdirecting. The gems might look straightforward and rich outwardly however its assembling interaction is notĀ  basic. It is a work of art which requires long periods of authority in light of the fact that not at all like other fancy fine arts, Kundan tikka is hand-fabricated and, surprisingly, one minor slip of hand or error could flaw the piece. The assembling cycles of Kundan to be specific incorporate 4 stages: Ghadai, Meenakari, Jadai, and Puwai. Ghadai: This is the initial step of making Kundan tikka and incorporatesĀ kundan tikka of plan on paper and making every one of the examples according to portray. This is finished utilizing tweezers and other regularly utilized instruments. Then the foundation of the metal is made according to portray so jewels, stones and precious stones can be engraved on it.

Meenakari: Once the base is prepared, jewels, stones or jewels are engraved inside the base. The rear of the base and engraved jewels is then plated by any of the 5 Panchranga colors – Blue, Red, Green, White and Gold. This is a high-accuracy step that requires most extreme expertise and focus in light of the fact that any mix-up would lead you back to the drawing board. Jadai: The third move toward making Kundan tikka is Jadai which incorporates covering the base and holes with Kundan the most flawless type of liquid gold. Subsequent to concealing it with Kundan, the decoration is recorded and cleaned to get the necessary sparkle and all assembling abandons are made consideration off in this stride.

Puwai: The last and last step includes joining the balancing bits of decoration with fundamental base and doing other important gold string work to complete the trimming. Each move toward the creation of this style gems is essential and requires 100 percent consideration from the skilled workers. Since, Kundan tikka is made of unadulterated gold, it tends to be costly and hence, comparative gems are made in silver for the general population. Anyway the Kundan tikka work of art today faces a disheartening future with the accessibility of readymade gems and an industry is battling to stay aware of present day times. It is gigantic transgress for a craftsmanship which at one mark of time was viewed as a superficial point of interest in the public eye.